Tearing Down

Echo Chambers

We identify ourselves by our strongest opinions and beliefs, and we naturally tend to confirm these opinions by talking with like-minded people and reading like-minded news.

The problem is, the people who disagree with our opinions do the exact same thing.

QallOut was created to demolish echo chambers. We encourage people to be truth-seekers. Engage with naysayers and dissidents—challenge yourself to truly understand the arguments surrounding the topics you feel passionately about.

That is what QallOut is about. We don’t host debates for debate’s sake. We host live video debates to promote intellectual accountability and to put an end to the growing ‘bullshit’ epidemic.

We consolidate, curate, and broadcast the best debates so the whole world can enjoy the show, while learning a thing or two.

Bullshit or Bullshitocracy

We understand that 'bullshit' is subjective - we use this term without any reference to specific ideas, individuals or groups of people. QallOut debates do not represent our team's personal opinions.

How it works

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Feeling passionate about a specific topic? Find or start a debate around it! Take a stance and invite others to participate, vote and comment. Get the discussion going!

Head 2 Head Debate

Go head-2-head with live video

Are you ready to stand up for your opinion and broadcast your stance to the world? Challenge other opponents for live Head-2-Head (H2H) video debates and invite others to watch your live broadcast. Battle other QallOut users or challenge opponents from Facebook or Twitter.

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All live H2H video debates are recorded. If anyone misses your live debate, you’ll still be able to share the recorded debate.