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  • 3 years ago

    Obama is heralded as some LGBT champion simply because rights were given during his administration, but he himself did nothing for the cause. It was part of the courts finally getting a case done. The President cannot do what you guys think he can do.

    • 3 years ago

      You are absolutely right and thank God for this. That's the whole point of democracy and the government, to avoid giving too much power to a single person. Even if he/ she is the best. But this does not change the fact that the president of the US does represent the whole country and should live and breathe its values, he is supposed to be a role model and example of the young generation, be inspiring and push for the greater good.. no? Bottom line Trump is probably going to be one of the best puppets given how easy it is to manipulate him in the direction that you want, and I do not foresee so many problems going forward (well, apart from the fact that republicans will rule for the next couple of years with no resistance by the opposition). In my opinion the damage to civil rights is already done by electing a President who openly dismisses the progress that has been done so far and getting where he got by spreading fear and terror to the already fed up communities. This is the example that youth will look up to.. just take a breathe and think about it.

  • 3 years ago

    His party has the House and Senate and he personally will get to appoint a number of Supreme Court justices. So yeah, he will be setting it back, and less than 12 hours after the election was called his VP was saying they were planning to start rolling back LGBTQ rights.

    • 3 years ago

      If by "setting back" you only mean in terms of policy then you are potentially correct. But Trump's election validates the type of damaging sexist and racist ideology that exists in many Americans. These people will now feel justified in saying things like "grab her by the pussy" or "Ms. Housekeeping" or "She wasn't allowed to speak up because she's a Muslim woman" all because Trump is now our president. A community that is desensitized to these racist and sexist 'jokes' is like going back in time.

      On the night of the election I walked outside and heard a group of young men outside the bar chanting "grab her by the pussy". You think THAT is moving forward?

      You know, I keep hearing my friends who voted for Trump saying that the things he said weren't all that bad, or saying that "liberals are just too sensitive and they get offended with everything". This is the scariest part of all this. Not that people are being overtly bigoted, but that they see nothing wrong with it. What is so wrong with wanting a society where people don't say racist and sexist things? Forces you to be more creative when making jokes...

      If you think that changes in policy are the only thing that can set a country back, you are wrong. Public opinion and behavior is a VERY dangerous thing.