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  • woodox87, a month ago

    I'm on stand by!

    • yaz, a month ago

      Alright you guys are up in 8 min @woodox87 and @briandubdub

      • woodox87, a month ago

        I'm ready

        • yaz, a month ago

          ...? Any issues?

          • woodox87, a month ago
            • yaz, a month ago

              @woodox87 one sec, Brian is restarting his browser

              • jameson14, a month ago

                Guy on the left knows his stuff

                • hawaiiass06, a month ago

                  you guys are both awesome for your knowledge and studies in this subject.. i say Woodox87 wins due to in our history we had to come to a belief and reason for fundamentalism. So thus creating a common reason for the importance of starting to record data in the first place....religion is …

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                  • woodox87, a month ago

                    Not being able to hear Brian's reply really stifled my chances. I definitely had rebuttals for the ending comments, but, alas, no time to share them. :/

                  • yaz, a month ago

                    @woodox87 feel free to leave a video comment if you want to leave a closing statement or rebuttal

                    • briandubdub, a month ago

                      The scriptural references for the geocentric views I spoke of: http://hypertextbook.com/eworld/geocentric/

                      • briandubdub, a month ago

                        So sorry about the technical issues. If I win this whole thing I'll buy a decent mic. :)

                        • woodox87, a month ago

                          A rebuttal is to come, just got to put the offspring to bed.

                          • gabbykman, a month ago

                            @woodox87 makes great points... I do have one major objection to his argument though.

                            Just because science rose in Christian ideologies or during times when religion was prevalent, doesn't necessarily mean religion catalyzed scientific findings. this is a classic case of confusing causality vs. …

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                            • japes16, a month ago

                              urrrmmm... can't hear the guy on the right.

                              • phillipsdan1982, a month ago

                                Brian had the easier side to argue. He did not articulate himself very well and did not bring up the most brilliant scientist of all time who surely was not religious. Tesla

                                • retest1233, a month ago


                                  • chasuk, a month ago

                                    Religion is fundamental to scientific progress and reasoning?Historically, it might have been. I'll go so far as to say it probably _was_. But nowadays? No.

                                    If the proposition had been, "Religion _was_ fundamental to scientific progress and reasoning," I probably would have agreed with it.

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                                    • servandorosario, 23 days ago

                                      Taoism is the foundation of modern quantum physics...You really just say science didn't arise in China? China had some of the strongest engineering of it's time. Dynasties existed while most of Europe were still just tribes.

                                      I am very aware of the scientific discoveries Christianity, The Big Bang …

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                                      • servandorosario, 22 days ago

                                        Nothing @woodox87 ?

                                      • woodox87, 22 days ago

                                        I apologize, I didn't get your message.

                                        Firstly, I make no claim that Christianity is the sole founder of Scientific achievement. Considering I labeled Islam, Judaism, and Greco-Roman polytheism as nations that contributed to Science. I'm definitely not excluding India, who contributed massively to …

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