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  • gigi, a month ago

    Shouldn't we talk about the overall net impact of his presidency rather than standalone policies?at the end of the day that's what matters

    • ericguillermoguzman, a month ago

      Still in Middle East, started wars, destabilized Libya, attempting to destabilize Syria, abetted criminal actions from Clinton, increased the deficit (and lowered it sometimes), increased debt substantially, historically low GDP/economy, massive racial tensions increased, ACA is a total failure …

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    • gigi, a month ago

      Would love to see the numbers behind these claims (I'm sure you know how deceiving numbers can be depending on how you measure them..) the realistic alternatives that another president would have taken for better results as well as comparison with the wider global economy and status e.g. debt …

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  • aidennn_tv, a month ago

    Watched a couple of other debates by Eli on here and he's always composed, factual and respectful. Great job.