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  • gemmafree, a month ago

    Let's say hypothetically that a child is drowning in the sea. A human lies down on the beach reading a book and sees the child a couple of feet from the shore screaming bloody murder and asking for help. There is no one else on the beach. The human now has a choice:

    1) throw the book aside, get up …

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  • gigi, a month ago

    Empathy, as per the official definition, is the ability to understand and share the feeling of another. Your example is a bit extreme and I don't think that the main driver of someone rescuing a drowning kid is empathy; the magic pill would work after the event. At the decision point, the human …

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    • gemmafree, a month ago

      the author starts off the article/example by saying:

      "To challenge my students to think about the ethics of what we owe to people in need, I ask them to imagine that their route to the university takes them past a shallow pond".

      I'm pretty sure that if you ask anyone what is the word to describe the …

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  • ericguillermoguzman, a month ago

    I mean someone may be born with a defect that stops empathy totally, but who knows.

    • anna, a month ago

      Have you ever been in washington?

    • faithandhope, 15 days ago

      I do believe that people are born having empathy and sympathy but unfortunately different experiences/ interactions in life can lead people to forget these basic human skills