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  • yaz, 7 months ago

    Bernie for presidentttttt!

    • yazanmadanat, 7 months ago

      I hate Hillary so much that I would rather Trump to win.. but screw Trump yo!

      • keithdoiron, 7 months ago

        Trump is weaker on guns than Weld right now, think about that.

        • rachelmaisonet, 7 months ago

          Libertarians should support Libertarians.

        • rastergrafx, 7 months ago

          No one should support Trump.

          • christopherrouse, 7 months ago

            Libertarians shouldn't support Donald Trump, because he runs his campaign on sexism, racism, xenophobia, and fear statements. Also he wants to still be involved with what you do in your bedromm, example abortions, weed. Also to mention he doesn't have any political experience. He wants a wall and …

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