1 month ago
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  • a month ago

    @deusvult, I've never met a single Christian who would disagree with this proposition.

    • a month ago

      @chasuk I have. There are a couple at my church who are fanatical in their belief that the Bible is inerrant, has never changed, and to question any part of it is the same thing as heresy. It's incredibly annoying.

    • a month ago

      @deusvult: Respectfully, those are not incompatible beliefs. I was raised attending churches where the standard belief was that the Bible was inerrant, but I promise, they still believed that salvation came through Christ. In fact, in the US, this is a very common belief.

      I suggest revising the …

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    • a month ago

      @chasuk Well, the part about works is different from what I am talking about. I am talking specifically about the blatant contradictions not only between the Old and New Testaments, but even WITHIN them, which fundamentalists can never explain and dismiss with meaningless catchphrases like "just …

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  • 23 days ago

    I completely agree. You may also wish to propose "faith in Christ not Faith in the Church"