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  • 3 days ago

    Hi @pritika_mehta
    Awesome. I'm excited somebody took this. My schedule is often pretty open in the afternoons here on the US West Coast.
    Let me know when you're available

    • 21 hours ago

      @nellyj She hasn't left an email to contact her so let's wait and see if she checks her QO notifications!

    • 19 hours ago

      @gigi I hope it's not another flake?

    • 17 hours ago

      @nellyj She is a brand new user so she could just have been checking out the debate challenges. I'll let you know if I manage to speak to her

    • 4 hours ago

      @gigi I've had a couple people accept and then never even response after that. Trolls?

    • 4 hours ago

      @gigi this would be great if we could delete old accepted but not done debate. That was one of my tips from earlier .