2 years ago
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  • 2 years ago

    I think people seriously misunderstand what it ACTUALLY takes to impeach a president. It is not as simple as one investigation coming back with circumstantial evidence against him

  • 2 years ago

    Not while the GOP controls the House and Senate certainly. Despite what lazy TV pundits and GOP congressmen who would probably be in a blind panic about 2018 if it werent for gerrymandering will tell you, Trump is not an aberration. He is the GOP agenda taking to it's logical conclusion. The only reason some Republicans speak oput against him now is not beucas ethey actually hate any of his "policies" (by which I mean Pence's policies that Trump repeats in public because that's what the party wants him to say; he honestly could give a frak so long as he gets to golf and jerk off to his electoral college maps), but because they fear Trump is giving away the game too soon. If those individual Reps felt safe in their distrcits, they'd be going right along all this stuff that Rapey McTinyhands, Vice President Torture-the-gay-away, and Paul Ryan the Poor Peopel Slayer are doing.

    • a year ago

      Russia investigation = leftist fake news