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  • 2 years ago

    Please leave a comment and @tag your opponents to confirm the date/time is fine with you. A few reminders, please:

    If you don't confirm your attendance by leaving a comment in your debate, you'll be automatically disqualified for the tournament.

    Rescheduling is allowed as long as it's more than 24 hours before the proposed start of the debate.

    Rescheduling within the same day is only allowed if both participants are fine with it.

    No-shows on the agreed date/time = immediate disqualification.

    Looking forward to watching you live!

    • 2 years ago

      Hello, @ahmed_maamar I confirm the date and time for this debate.

      • 2 years ago


        • 2 years ago

          it is 11am EST, 8am here in California, are you here @ahmed_maamar ?

          • 2 years ago

            @ahmed_maamar ; @yazanmadanat ; it is now past 8:15am, i have other obligations this day June 17 scheduled time and date for our debate : Round 1. I took a screenshot of my computer to prove that i was live at the set time. What is the next step now?