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Which side makes a better case?
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    Tall format vs wide format, crazy! So @chasuk is lying on the ground? Awesome! I Voted Draw here in the sense that (you both win!) On the topic, I'm Pro, but I also support the position Con took and neither were set on the semantics of the resolution.

    I agree with Pro on the attitude for debates. Exploration and challenge are great for thinking new thoughts. I'm a bit more competitive, but I like not worrying about "winning" a debate as it lets you focus on the interesting bits rather than trying to cover all the arguments whether you really care about them or not. And you are free to agree whenever you like.

    My own experience is that Virginity is pretty useless. It's basically just a state of ignorance. No one should have sex before they are ready and prepared, but there is no magic lost IMO.

    Pro nails the whole notion of being unclean after intercourse, especially for women, something I find to be oppressive and controlling of women, a means to control them.

    When you think about the language "lose your virginity" it implies there is something intrinsically valuable about it that you lost. I see it more a matter of something you gain. A new aspect of life.

    Obviously, there is a time and place for it, and leaping into sexuality too quickly or in the wrong way can be traumatic and damaging. But it is not because you lost something, it's because you face challenges you are not ready for, or someone took away your freedom or agency.


    @enzilag always takes on the interesting topics and always has a cool perspective. Here she's taking on the idea that losing your virginity is overrated. AKA the loss of virginity is too much celebrated as a victory or coming of age, which leads to people entering sexuality unprepared.

    It's a great counter perspective. It's very compatible with what Pro is saying and I think I agree with it.

    I think one of the core concepts here is that sex is a right of passage and a marker for adult life. And it is to a degree, but then again, it isn't always. But it is always seen that way.

    BTW @enzilag I remembered the name of the Nepali fellow I worked with finally, Keshav super nice guy.

    PUPPY! - lol


    For me, the moment came pretty young. At the time, it didn't feel soon enough, but if I had mixed feelings about it. I desired it greatly but really wasn't quite ready for it.

    The best thing about it was the satisfaction of curiosity. I so burned to know what sex was like. And it was a great relief to find out. But I just wasn't confident in it, how I felt about it, or where to go from there. That last bit was the hardest. I was too young for a long-term relationship, but sex for me was bonding, so I didn't know where to go with it in that relationship afterward.

    It was a good lesson in many respects. I have no regrets, but in the wisdom of what I've learned, I'd certainly have good advice for my younger self on how to cope with the feelings and thoughts I had.


    I always found it strange how some Christian kids do a lot of pretty intimate sex acts and feel like they are not having sex. I knew a couple of kids like that and it always floored me. They were a lot wilder than I ever was as an atheist. A good lesson in why purely rules based morality can fall far short of the intended mark.

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      @chasuk the euphemisms.. precious! :-)