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  • 3 years ago

    Buzzfeed and all those other sites are reaching more people than more serious news outlets ever did. Just because they have catchier headlines doesn't mean their content isn't factual. It's not their fault if people are only reading their headlines and major list points instead of the whole article. 

    Every news organization wants to drive clicks, they have just found a better way of doing it. 

    • 3 years ago

      Watch the video! Sites like Buzzfeed and ThoughtCatalog will say anything just to increase clicks on the article. The problem is that when people don't click, they are left with incorrect information based on the headline which gets shared over and over again. 
                   These pieces generously use phrases  like "Ten reasons why..." and "wanderlust” to get the attention of an audience that is smarter than the people writing the articles assume. This leads to readers no longer seeking the truth behind a headline. Instead they look for an easy fact they can flaunt in conversations with friends.