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  • 2 years ago

    Pro talks about pregnancy and childbirth helps cause women to have less earning potential. WOW ....fact is - plenty of women work through pregnancy. It is the women who CHOOSE to stay home and raise their baby (or babies) where they voluntarily decide that their paycheck (assuming there is a father/husband present who is still earning money) - is less important than being the mother to their child(ren). Lots of these women are willing to sacrifice earnings to be the 'mother of their child' instead of checking the baby in to some day care to be raised by someone else. Careers might not be very important to many women; they are willing to put it on hold until children are in school - and some might continue and home school for 6 or 10 years THEN return to the work force.

    AND- the argument is not relevant to the topic...because raising a baby is AFTER gestation - and an artificial incubator would be irrelevant.

    CON's arguments are both illogical and scary....(dying early/abortion - is more preferable to being poor? What is 'poor' - poor by US standards, or poor by world-wide standards, where even the poorest in the US are fairly well off.

    Seems that both lost focus on the actual topic...and debated things unrelated to the actual topic.

  • 2 years ago

    Ooh damn you qallout these are two of my favorite people. Lol

  • 2 years ago

    Ok so this is a hard decision for me but I have to go with con on this one. One reason for this is, if this was a personal option for women I would me more willing to accept this burden. Unfortunately, question of banning natural birth seems never adequately addressed for me. Sorry I still got love for you though Liam. Lol