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  • 2 years ago

    @ben @eli_mcgowan

    That was epic, thank you so much for an awesome topic and the show :-). Please note that the winner for this debate will be determined based on the best out of 5 votes i.e. community + 4 judges. Your confirmed judges so far: @josh808 @tara_kade

    • 2 years ago
      • 2 years ago
        • 2 years ago

          @ben Congratulations for advancing to the Semi-Finals on your first QallOut tournament! Please expect further details on your next debate in the next couple of days

          @eli_mcgowan Such and awesome debate, thank you so much! See you at the Championship and hopefully sooner with our social debates

          • 2 years ago

            Hotdogs and shots... the only way to debate

            • 2 years ago

              @ben - incredible performance, you scared the hell out of me with your puns.

            • 2 years ago

              Putting off a Bowers essay for you guys.

              • 2 years ago

                The audience reactions in this debate omg.

                • 2 years ago

                  Gentlemen, truly a meating of great minds. Betwixt you lies the substance of a very tasty debate. I ate it up.

                  Lettuce say, @ben gives a masterful performance here, oozing humor, yet full of meaty substance. His argumentation is multi-dimensional. He has definitions, expert opinion, legal, scientific, and rhetorical.

                  @eli_mcgowan is likewise excellent, but I think sags under the weight of time as the debate wears on. He falls back heavily on the perpendicular vs horizontal argument, select expert witnesses, and claiming his opponent did not respond to the contextual argument when in fact he had specifically addressed it.

                  While it all started as an even exchange, holding forth the contents and substance, by the latter half the Con slice looked to have failed, its holes leaking as it struggled to hold on. Much like this metaphor...

                  Ultimately Ben wins this one with a hefty amount of grace and a wide-ranging assault. Eli struck narrow ground but wasn't even able to hold that by the end.

                  So @ben is a weiner... er the winner.

                  • 2 years ago

                    "People who KNOW sandwiches."

                    Usually in debates, sandwiches is replaced by something like, for example, cyber security. Suffice it to say I laughed again.