1 year ago
Which side makes a better case?
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  • a year ago

    I enjoyed the debate gents! Welcome to Qallout @malik Happy to see a fresh face.

    I voted on the resolution based on the discussion. I don't feel like Pro made a compelling case for the resolution as written. Which is not to say he isn't thoughtful, it's just Pro isn't too focused on the resolution and is ranging among different gun control topics.

    Both debaters are being thoughtful on the topic which is much appreciated and I think Ben does a great job asking questions, and offering perspectives in a way that is challenging but not confrontational.

    Ultimately the fact that other countries without gun rights have other basic rights, flies in the face of the resolution. And Pro doesn't have a strong answer for this. He seems to fall back on the idea that the US is a unique case where guns are needed. But he doesn't outline what makes America uniquely dependent on the second amendment, only that it is one of the rights in our constitution.

    I suppose this is an area for Pro to work on his argument. Frankly, I'm not sure there is a good answer other than perhaps to say America is an especially dangerous and lawless country. I'm not sure that it is.

    Ben highlights the problems with the fantasy of armed rebellion against the US government. And while Maliks responses aren't very convincing, they are at least honest and clearly heartfelt.

    • a year ago

      All rights are equally important and must be given equal weight. The Bill of Rights were meant to be construed as "further declarative and restrictive clauses". The 2nd amendment actually doesn't grant the right to keep and bear arms but acknowledges a right that already existed prior to the constitution.

      • a year ago

        The answer to the claim that you can't have other rights without the second amendment is this: A well regulated is NECESSARY to the security of the free state. Every abled bodied male and female between the ages of 16 and 65 is considered the militia.