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  • a year ago

    Its a strange and loaded resolution. "radical" is almost always relative to what is considered normal. It might have been radical once to suggest women could wear skirts that showed their ankles. "Important" is also a relative term. I don't think it's one any feminist would generally use to describe their goals. "Respected" would be more likely "Just, Fair, Free, Safe" would also probably be somewhere in the list.

    I generally find resistance to Feminism obnoxious. Women should have as much liberty as I do. They should have as much respect as I do. They should not be told how to be or what to do beyond what any person, reguardless of their sex or gender is commanded to.

    • a year ago

      @sigfried I too support women and I believe nobody should be discriminated based on skin color, beliefs, or gender. I believe women should have the same rights as men. By "Radical Feminism", I am referring to the movement of feminism which more typically consists of those who say conservative, white, Christian males should 'go extinct', or that they are "evil". That is what I perceive radical feminism to be, and a lot of others as well. I should have included this point in the title of my argument. Radical feminism is not fighting for gender equality, like I believe average feminism to be. I respect feminists and I understand their strong support for the feminist movement. However, radical feminists such as Cathy Areu claim that since 95% of all terrorist attacks are committed by men, women are clearly the superior gender and are "just better". This is not fighting for gender equality, it is flat out sexist. Men are not better than women, but women are not better than men. There are some obvious biological differences but we should have known this since first grade. Finally, to summarize, I am not resisting feminism in general, I am just resisting radical feminism.

    • a year ago

      @alecb1202 Men do commit most acts of violence, that's a statistical fact. I think that is a cultural outcome as well as a result of male hormones (imo).

      And if Conservative white Christian men oppose female equality (as they too often do) then they become natural opponents of feminism.

      But I'd agree that arguing for female superirority or dominance is taking things well beyond femanism. I've almost never encountered anyone advocating for that seriously.

    • a year ago

      @sigfried Yes, men do commit most acts of violence and I don't deny the fact.

      But, I am not opposed to female equality. As I previously stated, women and men should be equal. I support the feminist movement but not to the point that radical feminists are taking them too.

      I've never personally encountered anyone with this strong of a belief in women's rights to the point where all white christian men should be "extinct", however, it is common that on news channels, society, and the media, many feminists (But not most) are taking feminism to this extent.

      Feminists fight for women's rights and ultimately gender equality. We are not going to achieve gender equality by belittling men and their importance in society based off of biological facts, that men have more testosterone and are more prone to violence, and other ridiculous points.

  • a year ago

    If by that you mean TERFs, then yeah, sure. F*** TERFs.

    • a year ago

      Voting Pro because whatever "radical feminism" is, I think you probably just mean "the extreme feminists", and sure, the extremes of any movement are almost universally counterproductive to their actual strategic goals.

      But Feminism on it's own is absolutely a necessary movement, and advocating equality between sexes is an obvious necessity to actually making equality between the sexes possible.

      • a year ago

        @sharkb8 I find that while if they win, extremists are a problem, they do serve an important role in challenging conventional thinking and sometimes waking us up to truths we can't see.

        The tend to be useless when it comes to solutions, but they keep us from getting too complacent.

      • a year ago

        @sharkb8 I agree, feminism is a good movement. Women need to be equal.

        Extreme Feminists or third wave feminists are simply trying to bypass importance of men and although they claim they fight for "gender equality", they hate men.

        But I agree with you.

    • a year ago

      They are simply counter-productive in the equality movement that They preach. It often alienates people from the idea and creates a bad stereotype.