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  • a year ago

    Google "feminism" and the top result is a definition "the advocacy of women's rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes."

    If one believes that women deserve equal rights to men, then one is a feminist. That does not require censorship or PC Culture. So to the first part of your question, the answer is yes, Feminism is absolutely, 100% about equality.

    Now for the second part, censorship and PC culture aren't usually good strategies to bring about equality, so in that I'd agree that they aren't good options.

    • a year ago

      That's my point, no decent human being is against equality "feminism" per say. The problem is that burning books and forget about the context is always bad. I feel that in a way It has a good intention but a bad execution. You can't and you shouldn't erase stupidity by censor it, infantilization of the culture is in my opinion one of the worst things we can do...In a way It's a recess in the way of thinking.

      • a year ago

        @el_nino Burning books and forgetting context are not part of the equality effort. Generally speaking choosing bad examples to disprove something is not really great. Cause you are exactly right. If the intention and objective is good then we should focus on the good examples of execution and do more/ better on eliminating the bad ones. I don;t think that feminism advocates for censorship and pc. It's more the US culture and the very much divided groups there that cultivate it.

    • a year ago

      "I hate political correctness" is code for "I want to be allowed to be a bigoted asshole in public and not get called out on it. Sorry, but marginalized people aren't taking your shit anymore. Deal with it.

      • a year ago

        No idea what agree or disagree mean in the context of this question.

        Feminism to me, is about not telling women what to do or how they should be. Let women determine their own lives and treat them with respect. Equality is kind of a misnomer I think. It makes sense when there is some clear measure, but every individual is different. Equalizing is hard to do.

        I'm for self censorship, but not for forced censorship. When PC means being polite and respectful, I'm all for it. It can certainly go to far and become straight up silly though.

        I don't see this as a darker time. I see my childhood as a darker time when it was considered normal to treat people like crap.

        • a year ago

          Well that depends.
          In America "feminists" most definitely does not is contribute to equality as a primary purpose. In America "feminists" popularized and then used to talk politics, to talk migration, to talk and take stands on different subjects -which I think is terrible. We need equality, but we don't need to ask an "equalist" whether we, as a nation, should pay higher taxes or not.