1 year ago
Which side makes a better case?
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  • a year ago

    Just a guess, the pro side is from a very conservative country with very traditional values. I find this concept of justice absurd Absolutely. Not only would a death penalty for a Rape not decrease rape from happening, it would cause more Murder Rape to cover up that crime. Yes Rape is awful, But killing another human is more awful, and committing more evil is not justice.

    • a year ago

      @daniel_jongeward I do understand ur point but rapist do not deserve to live after they destroy another's life. So let them die

    • a year ago

      @dhirazit_hazarika rape does not distroy someone's life, there is life after rape. Yes it's unconsentual and it's wrong, but you're going way overboard.

    • a year ago

      @daniel_jongeward there is a life after rape but society do not consider so.
      Death is better than the life after being raped
      Unless people change the mindset of society I will always consider rape as murder

    • a year ago

      @dhirazit_hazarika really? Sounds like the society your referring to is the immoral one. Most civilized societies do not blame the victim, in fact they work to make the victim recover from the event and move on. I'm sorry you don't live in a civilized society, that seems to be the first thing that needs to change. More murder does not help you make your society more civil.

  • a year ago

    @dhirazit_hazarika @sharkb8 A really good debate gentlemen!

    I thought the highlight of this was hearing this issue debated from two different cultural perspectives. But there was a lot of strong substance here as well. Both debaters make very cogent arguments and rebuttals. Really, this is one of the best debates I've watched on Qallout in terms of honesty, compelling argument, and seriousness.

    My own disposition is that the death penalty, while often justifiable, is very dangerous moral ground to walk, especially at the state level. Giving the state the power of death can be dangerous. The process of justice isn't fool proof. Prison offers a possibility of correction of an injustice, but the death penalty closes the door forever on it.

    I have very mixed feelings about rape as a crime. Logically, it is not as bad as murder to me. The victim lives, though they are often permanently scarred. The same is true for some other types of assault, kidnapping, child abuse, and other crimes. Emotionally... if faced with someone who violently raped a child, I'd have no personal guilt in killing them. The combination of the crime of rape coupled with the vulnerability of a child just sets me off and screams to me that the person is a terrible danger to others and should not be a member of society.

    I think the best way to approach the question is a very deep dive into: What are our goals, what order of priority do they hold, what actions best achieve those goals in that order?

    That's the heard of most of what is argued here, though it's not carefully broken down (probably not possible in this time frame/format).

    Pro here holds justice as a higher value and Con holds prevention/redemption higher than justice. Both are valid and admirable. Both are very difficult to achieve.

    -- But that's all my opinion on the subject what about the debate? --

    On the resolution, I'd vote Con. The use of the word "Only" is a step too far to uphold and Pro admits it's not quite his position because not all rapes are of equal magnitude.

    I like that Con is really searching here, asking questions, considering other ideas and what they mean. The discussion if people can change and who is or isn't human was really compelling.

    Pro's arguments are not weak though. He speaks from the heart, with strong reasoning, and with conviction. Its very hard to judge whether his arguments are more true for India than the US. They may be.

    So I'll vote Con, based on my disagreement with the resolution as written and because both debaters agree on that. But overall, I'd say this is a tie, both debaters make really great arguments here and it made for a super thought provoking debate.