2 years ago
Which side makes a better case?
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  • 2 years ago

    ericguillermoguzman it is absolutely at an institutional level, more than anything! We have a system set in place that systematically gives harsher punishment to minorities. That includes the educational system, prison system, and entire justice system

    • a year ago

      I think there is an institutional bias towards those that are privileged through elitism, I don't believe people get away with murder, fraud, rape, etc based on race. I don't buy that.

  • 2 years ago

    This is tough for me to comment on because I am a white male and aware of my own privileged opinion. I think the US experiences racism today that is very different from the racism in years past, and beman21 makes a good point about the subconscious influences of society. We don't know the extent to which those influences effect our behavior.

    • a year ago

      Being white doesn't grant you a better opinion. It's how people treated you because you were white, but you had no control over being white and you had no control over people categorizing you into a paradigm of whitehood. If you agree that society influences your perception of race, then you'd have to agree that there is no inherent responsibility to feel tribalistic towards white people. "We don't know the extent to which those influences effect our behavior." is exactly my point; if you weren't raised to believe you had to be/act a certain way, would you? Even the opposite has to be questioned. Let's just say that being white gives you privilege no matter what. Why do poor, or uneducated, or ugly, or sick, or weak white people exist? The answer must be that privilege means exactly what it implies- it can be granted and taken away, without your consent. So if you have nothing to do with it existing, why would you hold yourself responsible? It's societies problem, not yours.