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  • 8 months ago

    ericguillermoguzman it is absolutely at an institutional level, more than anything! We have a system set in place that systematically gives harsher punishment to minorities. That includes the educational system, prison system, and entire justice system

    • I think there is an institutional bias towards those that are privileged through elitism, I don't believe people get away with murder, fraud, rape, etc based on race. I don't buy that.

  • 8 months ago

    This is tough for me to comment on because I am a white male and aware of my own privileged opinion. I think the US experiences racism today that is very different from the racism in years past, and beman21 makes a good point about the subconscious influences of society. We don't know the extent …

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    • Being white doesn't grant you a better opinion. It's how people treated you because you were white, but you had no control over being white and you had no control over people categorizing you into a paradigm of whitehood. If you agree that society influences your perception of race, then you'd …

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