Which side makes a better case?
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  • a year ago

    i'm open to continuing the conversation. But thank you for another interesting dialogue.

  • a year ago

    So after further investigation, I found that I was wrong about some of the terms I asserted knowledge of.

    Free Will = Libertarian

    Hard Determinism = your position

    Compatibalist / Soft Determinism = Me ( we are responsible so far as we are determined)

    I don't think my argument would change, as I don't believe we are determined so far as we can make any choice. Free Will is not logically impossible due to the fact that our judicial systems do not allow for complete ignorance and lack of responsibility, when it is clear that our reasoning faculties are functioning properly.

    Hence, the example I challenged you with about your self-awareness of jumping out the window, landing on car, and the possible consequences of that action - however in control or not you were.

    Again, sorry about confusing my terms.