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  • votesaad, 5 months ago

    Round 4? lol

  • jameson14, 5 months ago

    Shmu fought in Gaza, in the previous video he said that

    • derrickthekid, 5 months ago

      well this just got interesting.. what about the last military aid deal from the US?

      • gigi, 5 months ago

        Settlements are also part of the "peace" plan?

        • rosa1465, 5 months ago

          Everyone agrees Hamas is evil, can we leave them alone and talk about the rest of Palestine?

          • rage1234, 5 months ago

            1. yea they are enjoying rights and normal conditions unlike their cousins in every other arab nation. nad i mean water food electricity constant supplies and funding from israeli government on behalf of the the ISRAELI tax payer
            2.its hard to divide hamas and palestinians when the first has the …

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        • rosa1465, 5 months ago

          LOL! I'm just glad my question got answered lol :)

          • gigi, 5 months ago

            But shouldn't Israel as the wealthier, more educated, more "civilized" country act more responsibly?

            • bashar_shami, 5 months ago

              You dont live in Palestine to judge im a palestinian and almost every week a palestinian die because of setelments

            • gigi, 5 months ago

              That's exactly my point Bashar.. I've lived in the middle east, have plenty of Arab friends including Palestinians and I find unacceptable what is happening. We cannot call ourselves humans for letting people live or die in this way..Palestine, Syria.. So my expectations from nations that want to …

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            • nitzan123, 5 months ago

              But why do you call it palestian this name doesn't exist anymore

            • gigi, 5 months ago
            • shmuRD, 5 months ago

              "A spokesperson for the health ministry in Gaza said" - I think there is what to debate about that, and what not to take at face value...
              I also won't begin to discuss the other cease-fires which were broken by Hamas militants. But regardless, if that did happen, it's appalling. I would venture to …

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          • arkle, 5 months ago

            Some Israeli citizens do sure, but you definitely can't say that about it's Right Wing government. I mean, unless you consider the forced sterilization of Black women, or the harassment of Holocaust survivors who don't toe the party line on Gaza, or dropping bombs on Palestinian kids playing …

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          • fugutuba, 5 months ago

            Any word on a new link?

          • rydawsonRD, 5 months ago

            was fun we will do it again, a few bugs still in qallout

          • tamers, 5 months ago

            "Land that Israel has taken" !! how can you take something by foce and then claim you want peace !!

            • trentr26, 5 months ago

              Israel has not had much of a choice in this situation. Palestine acts, and Israel reacts to protect herself. What else is Netanyahu supposed to do when a neighboring country run by a terrorist organization starts attacking civilians?!

              • pennylane, 5 months ago

                Israel hasn't had a choice?! As if Palestine has?? rydawson ended this debate when he made the simple point that the stronger side has the responsibility of bringing about peace, not the oppressed side. If Israel wanted to end this conflict it could have done so many times.

              • aidennn_tv, 5 months ago

                These guys are just arguing about who started it but let's be honest it's about who is going to FINISH it, and Israel is the only one in this conflict that has the power to do that...they just refuse to.

            • s_benz, 5 months ago

              Information about the conflict has been so contaminated by propaganda and misinformation, so I'm going to agree with the guy who has actually been there and SEEN firsthand what is happening. shmu, I think you're spot on

              • khiriahayyad43, 5 months ago

                Shmu is an AMERICAN idf soldier, he lived in america but went to the middle east for alittle bit of time. Where as Rayan Dawson has done his research well. And everything he said was true. Because I lived through most of the events. Shumeaul was stuttering 98% of the time and when he didn't know …

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              • batsheva_1, 5 months ago

                Oh so as an Israeli, let me tell you that Shmu wasn't even close to representing the Israeli side. I'm sorry but you guys brought shit upon yourself. If you were smart you would've been Qatar by now, but how bad is that your leaders don't give shit about you and prefer you dead or poor while …

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            • khaledaahmadgmailcom, 5 months ago

              thats not right, ramallah and Jenin are not racially segregated cities. there are muslims, christians and jews living in those cities. same as nablus

              • shmuRD, 4 months ago

                That is absolutely, and factually incorrect. There are no Jews living in those cities whatsoever.
                And even if you say that potentially Jews are allowed to enter those cities, just look at the last two who entered - Vadim Norzhich and Yosef Avrahami (two Israeli army reservists) - and then you can …

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            • batsheva_1, 5 months ago

              I'm sorry this is just irresponsible to post a dibate with a person who makes false statements and bases his whole theory on them. And I'm talking about the pro-palestinians guy. I couldn't even keep listening after he started talking about the disengagement. His whole speach was taken from the …

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              • batsheva_1, 5 months ago

                Oh and another fact is that in 2000 Ehud Barak offered Yasser Arafat 98% of the west bank anf Gaza- the palestinians refused. Ehud Olmert offered Abu Mazen 99% including Jerusalem- abu mazen refused. So I think that as the strongest and the more responsible we've payed our duty. I mean except …

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                • leonbeilin, 5 months ago

                  I hope next time the debate will be with you or someone with your knowladge. Because you neef to have based facts for this kind of debate...

                • shmuRD, 4 months ago
                • batsheva_1, 4 months ago

                  Hey first of all I'm sorry if it sounded bad. You did your best and thank you very much for bothering. When I said that you weren't even close to represting fully the Israeli side by all the facts and all the complains that we have for the arabs- because there are so many facts that if you only …

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              • crazy, 3 months ago
                • luke, 21 days ago

                  Perhaps the most "enjoyable" (if that can be said) debate on this very difficult subject. Hope there is a follow up. *****