7 months ago
Which side makes a better case?
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  • 7 months ago

    Mike it was nice discussing with you. It was very unfortunate about the connection we would have had much better dialogue if we could have heard each other better.

    • 7 months ago

      Great discussion Brice. I hope I've put things into perspective a little. It's a big subject and the social barrier thing is very real. Sorry my connection not brilliant. cheers.

    • 7 months ago

      Great discussion. A few thoughts.

      I see what Norman Finklestien says about the moral argument itself, that what happened in WW2 doesn’t justify what Israel did the Palestinians as outside of if it should be re-examined.

      A lack of proper research does not mean something shouldn’t be re-examined. It’s more of free a speech issue, as both tend to agree.

      Just a side note. Curators are not exhibition designers. They are certainly experts in their field because they publish and organize the exhibition and raise money for it. They are powerful experts.

      • 7 months ago

        @julian Hi Julian. Thanks for commenting. I'm glad that we were able to have a measured, sensible discussion about this subject. The title may seem a bit long winded. That is because someone (not jba108) posted on FB that he wanted to debate a Holocaust Denier. I said that I would "discuss" it as an issue but I would not take the position as a "denier" and told him he would find no such person. So I had to find a form of words that simply opened up the subject to discussion. I don't even mean that "it should be re-examined" only that examination should be "open". I hope I also got across the reality that so called "deniers" do not (as most people believe) simply refuse to acknowledge "anything happened", so I hope I planted a few seeds in people's minds. The good thing of course is that we were able to "discuss" and I'm really pleased about that. I'm not getting many opportunities to debate. I think my time zone puts people off. I also don't know why my connection is so poor as I have superfast broadband cable connection and ethernet to my laptop from the router. Technology eh?

      • 7 months ago

        @bookman my guess is that your tech problem is a lag. You might try using a proxy. I know you don’t like the mic pass thing but it might help.

    • 6 months ago

      how hard is it to get a decent connection these days