1 year ago
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  • a year ago

    Some of them might not, but I doubt it is due to veganism specifically.

  • a year ago

    Being vegan doesnt innately mean there is not a balanced diet. In fact, vegans are at a lower risk for cancer, an exponentially increasing health crisis. My diet may be more balanced then yours, depending on what I decide to eat AND i will more likely than not live longer than you :)

    • 10 months ago

      Well due to the Green Revolution, vegans now have access to plant based substitutes for they necessary nutrients. I understand how this argument would be prevalent two hundred years ago, but it is absurd to think this is still true. There is no portion of the balanced diet that can not be converted by the vegan's diet; whether it be vegetables, artificial substitutes, or vitamins. Someone who disagrees, please let me know why you think this way becuase I cannot fathom a refuting argument.

      • 9 months ago

        This is a very reasonable statement