10 months ago
Which side makes a better case?
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  • 10 months ago

    @nellyj_misesian congrats on becoming a Dad!

  • 10 months ago

    @benmouse42 doing your best Bernie Impression in the screen shot above- what a moment for QO to capture it hahahaha

    • 9 months ago

      I wish I could like both participants because I love how polite and informative both are about the issues. I love how they were able to end things on a friendly note.

      That being said, I think "pro" wins this round hands down. Like the previous round, "con" seems to be basing his entire stance on a psychological diagnosis of certain people ("They really want this when they are saying they want that") and not in proving that democratic socialism and "full blown socialism" are actually the same thing. To exhibit that I don't think this is a biased analysis on my part, I'll provide an example of liberals who do a similar thing. Often liberals will say that people who are pro-life are secretly just in favor of restricting women sexually. This is not a fair diagnosis of the pro-life position. It's a psychological diagnosis.

      Still, I wish I could give con a like as well because I love how patient he is and his willingness to give his honest answer to many questions, never complaining that the questions usually go one way and his opponent speaks for much longer than he speaks. His patience and willingness to answer questions like that shows a degree of respect for truth and the subject in question. It seems he doesn't care if he "wins" so much as if an accurate understanding of a topic that is important to him is discussed. That is a great attitude to have.