1 month ago
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  • a month ago


    FTR, before any pedants come at me, yes, I'm fine with not giving kids vaccines if they are allergic to any of the ingredients. Everyone else though, no excuse. That's what "herd immunity" is all about.

    My grandmother Judy can't get flu shots because of an allergy but she made damn sure her kids and later grandkids got them.

    • 24 days ago

      Yes, Because when you do not vaccinate your children their cells cannot defend themself from virus and disease and spread thought-out the body, This well get the children very sick or somethings even die. Its like saying if there is a outbreak of a virus and the scientist found a vaccines to prevent the virus, and while everyone else is getting it you refuse your child the right to live by not giving them the vaccination to to help them live. It is like poisoning the child, Except the cure is right next to the child and they parent refuse to give the cure to the child. Its murder