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Which side makes a better case?
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  • 8 months ago

    Some quick comments on the first 30 minutes:

    PRO -
    Defines Capitalism as Laissez-faire free market...minimal/no government intervention...
    Absolutely correct- ZERO coercion

    CON -
    Believes C and S can exist with or without government
    Uses analogy of votes...shares owned...=capitalism
    Socialism - 1 person 1 vote

    uses Marx...modified - from each according to his ability, to each according to his contribution???

    Voting is like cooperative governance.

    PRO - US - government has checks and balances...and limited government

    CON - keeps pushing 'corporation' as capitalism

    HERE IS WHERE CON MAKES A FALLACY - while socialism is both government AND economic system ....Capitalism can exist in a tyranny, monarchy, or republic....as capitalism is not a system of government... AND - capitalism works best in a limited government (so no cronyism).

    CON ..states that libertarian used to mean 'left libertarian'?? WOW...when? Not in my world Sounds utterly bogus.

    Deals with 'Anar-Capitalists'...which is not quite anarchy- and reasonably libertarian...

    PRO - valid argument that government creates 'corporatism' and 'crony-capitalism' - or cronyism, which is against 'free market capitalism'.

    CON - talks about buying lake and polluting - which is typical leftist tripe...basic environmental rules would not be permitted.
    STRANGE - anti-capitalists use extreme examples that are not likely to happen to rail against capitalism - but they fail to look at REAL failures of Socialism...and how it has resulted in much more horrible things that is 'feared' for capitalism.

    PRO asks about 'property rights' ..and if CON believes in property rights.

    CON - has some 'qualifications' where he might not support property rights.

    PRO makes an error - @ 25 minutes - acting as there are different types of private property that might be treated differently ....

    CON challenges PRO - GWBush investing Social Security funds in stock market. Poor example. Consider the example of Chile and how they privatized their social security.

    CON - believes that revolutionary socialism is bad...but evolutionary (Democratic??) socialism is good? Where have the results been good? "Democratic"?? Mob rule. Remember - Hugo Chavez was democratically elected to take the nation socialist...and there were no 'Constitutional Protections' to limit the power of this emerging tyranny.

    BOTTOM LINE - I think CON approaches socialism like most people do - they are enamored of the possible wonderful 'heaven on earth' that can be created when goodness and love and butterflies and daisies all work together. Unfortunately - they tend to ignore the MANY MANY failures of socialism

    Socialism is both a government system AND an economic socialism.
    Socialism, unless you have a small 'commune' where participation is voluntary (and disenchanted workers are free to leave) - requires FORCE...government force, ultimately backed by government power...even deadly force.
    Capitalism (misnomer...it should be 'free markets') is based on many many people entering into voluntary agreements, and no coercion.