4 months ago
Which side makes a better case?
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  • 4 months ago

    Minors can give their consent, so I am more inclined to go for the pro side. The fact that adults can take advantage of that consent is kinda irrelevant to the agruement. consent is the affirmation vocal or otherwise to an action. For an example if I give a child a cookie and they take it that child consented to being given a cookie. If I give a child a cookie and they protest and knock it away and say "ucky" they didn't consent. Now if I do the same with adults nothing in consent has changed. The age is irrelevant to the consent. Also irrelevant but I feel needs stating that the law is irrelevant when it comes to giving out snacks, the reason laws against adults having sex with children is the adult is using their experience to take advantage of the vulnerable. its a grey line. But I feel like having debate on minor sexual consent is another debate. This one is that minors can affirm to doing or receiving something, which of course as long as they can clearly communicate this they can.