7 months ago
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  • 7 months ago

    The world is a mingle of education. If they don’t happen, the interactions will not happen. Educations will aid everyone in everything. They make improvements that are hard to make for the earth. This also is a reason why the world keeps evolving. However, did you knew that educations spread on bureaus? This means educations happens in many contrasting ways. On the other hand, today, technology is developing and they are always reachable for education. It has already conceived a lot of websites and apps about or for education. In what way do you think educations in technology? I think technologies are far and far indeed good educations. I have several logics why educations should not happen on technologies.

    Internet? What is it? Actually, it is true that the internet aids students to applicate. However, the internet doesn’t only contain educational programs. There are about 10 times further websites or apps that are not even akin to education. Internet as a full, an outcome many addictions. There are lots of videos and games that are inappropriate for teens to a wristwatch and discern. In addition, a portion of teens doesn’t like studying or either school because of a stage called puberty. It is a stage that decreases teen’s mind for doing works and educating, but to go into colossal tangents. As a result, teens can easily find inappropriate commodities or videos can get teens into tremendous trouble. The whole violence and weird inappropriate stuff from all around the world are easily accessible. It makes them to not pay tremendous attention to subjects on schools enough to follow the lessons that the other students are taking.

    Secondly, did you knew that visual teachers make students healthier? As you might hear the sense sounds obvious, but these are authentic. Computers have monitors that are producing so much light that they are generating teen’s eyes bad and useless. This can produce eye diseases when teens turn into adults when they obligate the most eyesight. Adults need extra sight as the students do. Furthermore, some of them have to endeavour on the in front of the monitors because some of them can’t collect money except to sojourn on computers. In contrast, why do you have to use your sight all right now? It is defined so you should keep them until you turn to adults! Also, if you keep watch screen a lot every they, your body posture turns bent. Since then, you will end up like an elder when you even evolve into an adult. On the other hand, you can have a choice of sitting properly in your real class with real teachers. Hence, do you want to be healthy or unhealthy?

    Lastly, paying attention is a big part of taking a class in either way. Where can you pay more attention to? Real teachers with taking traditional classes can accept your questions and answer them. Online fake robot teachers can’t. Isn’t this fact amusing? If so, it will take you about more than a week to get your question answered. Which increases major participation skills? The participation skills can also help you when you turn to an adult and you cooperate. As I mentioned before, the internet is widely-susceptible for students to go easily and are allowed on inappropriate websites or apps that can hurt you. Also, eye contact can increase the student’s listening skills. My last reason to support my claim is that test and assessment scores are much further accurate in real classes then the internet. Furthermore, they can also give you feedback that will help you with your important evolved-life. Moreover, These are good for all students to pay attention and to listen well.

    Wrapping all up, education takes a big part of your soul. It is your choice of choosing what type. However, if you want to get feedback and get exceptional grades on your next test after, pay more attention, ask questions, and don’t go into tangents, you might want to take a traditional way of the class which there is a real teacher to aid you more than online robots. This way can also help your future body and your good habits. You might don’t want these to float away.