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  • 20 days ago

    Dang didn't get my goodbye out, I didn't know it automatically ended like that. Anyway, good debate! It was really nice talking to you!

  • 20 days ago

    Thanks, @derekgeorgelight
    Nice chatting with you in your first debate. Hope you have many more enjoyable ones.

    • 19 days ago

      Atheism is a statement about the existence of gods, not morals. Not to say atheists don't have morals, but morals are mostly always personal.

      • 16 days ago

        @daniel_jongeward the point is that moral law requires a moral law giver who can only be God. so if you have no God you have no moral law giver and thus no moral law. Morals can't be personal or you could never decry the actions of another but yet I'm sure you do such as rape or murder.

      • 5 days ago

        @nellyj_misesian your just assuming there has to be a moral law giver the only way you can think of. Its the same argument that all lawful countries must have a king to give laws, well very few countries have a king, so where do the laws come from? Your argument is nonsense. There was never a god so there morals came from a cult leader anyways. It's not a great place to get ones morals.