3 months ago
Which side makes a better case?
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  • 3 months ago

    that audio part at 1:11 was spectacular

    • 3 months ago

      I listened to this in the background so I may have missed smaller points.

      Arguments of note.... (that I found compelling)
      C: DD doesn't limit the power of the billionaires
      -It gives politicians a viable choice
      P: CL doesn't empower the common electorate
      -This isn't enough leverage for actual influence
      P: CL restrictions have too many loopholes

      Pro gives me a good reason to prefer DD over CL. Con is not very focused and just isn't telling me why CL has an advantage. He has a lot of arguments about many different topics, just not this topic so much.

      Debate advice
      Con: Try to connect your facts and observations to your thesis in an easy to follow way. You speak well, but you aren't very focused on any given point.