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  • 2 months ago

    I feel like pro never really makes a case for the resolution. He explains some things he doesn't like about Chinese Communists.

    Bronson doesn't really need to refute anything.

    That said, there were good arguments on specific points. An interesting discussion, but really un-focused on any given point.

    Half way, I really like how Bronson is trying to elicit from Pro some direct harms. Pro can't really come up with an explanation. There is a little bit of language barrier, and a little bit of inexperience by the younger debater here.

    All that said, I enjoyed listening for the most part. It was a civil discussion and meaningful.

    • 2 months ago

      @sigfried The point that I would like to make is that if you do not treat the CCP as a danger in the world than you could bye a second one like Wangjian from HNA or Jack ma if you are a businessman, and if you are a common citizen, you could be next Uigurs in the future. And about the reasons, firstly, it is not only because there is very great illegal surveillance on everyone in China, but also because in China, you are not a free person like living in the US. Secondly, when you look back in history, except the Niche, how could a party be in half of a country and its citizens.
      What's more, in this debate, I could totally understand how common Americans think that if the CCP comes to your country, you could be supposed to say that it is ok at first but as the time going, you will discover that you will become like Hongkongers. Besides, as a Christian, I think we should not make our money on the sacrifice of other people's human rights or basic freedom.
      And the Con also mentioned that CPP will not come to your country. I agree with that because America is a country that established under religious freedom.
      In this debate, I think someone lives in a country like the US cannot have the feeling of how the CCP implement authoritarian and national capitalism on this country and on its citizens by deceiving and legal kinds of robbery of people's money for more than 70 years.
      I hope that the whole world could realize the danger of the Chinese Communist Party because you can see that the CCP is invading Taiwan, Southeast Asia and even the US, not only in your mind but also in some military devices. And you can see how CCP's authoritarian is, which is like the situation that is happened in Honkong.
      And what's more, in the US, the impeachment and the MUller's report were also related to the CCP!
      At last, i want say i have my explanation but sometimes it seemed that i did not have the time to say