What is a Head-2-Head?

Head-2-Head on QallOut lets you take an argument to the next level.

When you Go H2H, you’re entering a live broadcast video debate. You and your opponent are connected to each other and a live audience via industry-standard videoconferencing software. As you two duke it out, taking turns making arguments, the audience can weigh in on who they agree with and share their comments in a chat feed.

After the debate ends, the video is saved, so you can share it with any friends who couldn’t make the live showing. They can comment and vote as well.

Who can I challenge for a Head-2-Head?

You can challenge anyone to Go H2H. If the person is on QallOut already, you can enter their username. If not (or if you’re not sure), you can send them an invitation directly via email. You can also challenge users directly from their profile

Who can see my Head-2-Head videos?

Your videos will appear to the entire QallOut community, but we plan to roll out a feature soon to control privacy settings.

How can I delete my Head-2-Head videos?

Since you and your opponent both own the content, we can’t put a simple delete button in… imagine how unfair it would be if you had a great debate, and then your opponent made it disappear.

If you want to delete a currently posted Head-2-Head, use the ‘Request Takedown’ feature listed by your H2H video (or if you don’t get that option, email us at contact@QallOut.com). We will notify your opponent of your takedown request and check if he/she is fine with deleting the Head-2-Head video . If you believe that some aspect of the content was in violation of QallOut rules, or is being used in violation of the rules, you may report the content to our moderation team using the ‘flag’ icon underneath the content.

How do I report content?

We have a ‘report’ icon (looks like a flag) next to any piece of content. Just click it, then tell us how you think the content violated our Terms of Service. If the content does violate our Terms of Use, we’ll take the proper action.

How should I behave on QallOut?

Be informed, be articulate, be passionate, be fun. We give users a lot of leeway in how they can speak to each other—authentic debates can get heated—but we do draw some red lines. Specifically, no threats, no advocating violence, no harassment.

If we see you telling someone how you’ll hurt them, or openly wishing someone else would hurt them, or following them around the internet just to threaten them, we’re going to take action. We don’t necessarily mandate kindness or politeness, but we do require you to respect rights.

What about hate speech?

We believe hate speech should be fought. Hateful ideas are best destroyed when they’re exposed.

If someone says something awful on QallOut, they need to step up and defend that - or they’re. True hate speech can’t stand up to this kind of scrutiny, leaving the speaker looking foolish and discredited.

We believe this is more effective than sweeping hate under the rug. Such tactics create gentrified digital spaces which dull our awareness of hate, and give its peddlers a false claim to victimhood.

In certain cases, however, we do reserve the right to remove comments deemed as hate speech, typically when it appears to be mere shock trolling. For example, if a user’s comments are mostly flyby insults with no context, we would see this as a red flag and take action.

Disagree? We’d love to hear it. We’re all about debate, so start one up. As long as you tag it with #qallout, we’ll make sure to find it.

What if it’s more blatant bigotry, e.g., racism or sexism?

As we outlined in our discussion of hate speech, we will take action against trolls using bigoted language for the sole purpose of shocking and offending other users. We oppose racism and any type of bigotry, and we firmly believe that the power of debate will expose and defang those ideas.

No ideas, however bigoted, are outside the realm of argumentation—in fact, these are the positions that most urgently need to be debated. People in the United States, for example, may find the subjugation of women or sexual minorities elsewhere in the world to be offensive, but these common practices have numerous staunch defenders.

Our platform is about encouraging thoughtful conversation about upsetting issues, not repressing them.

What information about me do you collect?

We collect the same types of information that most social apps do. Of course, this includes everything you manually give us, such as your email address, profile info, and anything else you put into the site. We also automatically log of some technological information, such as what device you’re using, mostly to optimize your QallOut experience--if we know how you access QallOut, we can tailor our improvements to you.

Who has access to my personal information?

Only authorized personnel at QallOut have access to your personal information. For more information, please read our privacy statement.

Can I change the position I take on a debate?

Yes! Debate is all about changing people’s minds. If someone persuades you to change yours, just click on your new stance to change your vote.