Armed for the war on bullshit &
ready to cause some trouble!

Yazan Madanat

Inspired by underrated debates that take place in online public forums, Yazan decided to double down on his debating passion and start QallOut. Yazan brings 10 years of media & management consulting experience, and about 20 years of 'troll'-handling experience.

Georgia Kokkini

After living in 4 different continents throughout her career, Georgia decided to channel her understanding of open-mindedness to the chaotic internet world. Georgia decided to join QallOut's war on bullshit after a career in banking & management consulting.

Chelsea Glincman

Disillusioned by the political bias of the news world, Chelsea left the field of Broadcast Journalism in search of a better way to spread the truth. After an international recess, she returned to New York to join QallOut and wage war on misinformation and trolling.

Ioannis Poulakas

Ioannis is an experienced software, web and mobile developer with a degree in Computer Science. He is passionate at experimenting with modern technologies and providing appropriate solutions to the toughest challenges.

Luis Rojas

Luis is software developer with experience in iOS, Web and Desktop development, and a recently achieved degree in Computer Science. Loves to tackle new and interesting challenges, and try out new technologies, specially those related to web development and the Javascript programming language.